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Coronavirus Resources for Arizona Businesses

Covid-19 News and Resources for Valley Partnership Members


In an effort to help all of our Members, Valley Partnership will update and add to this information as it becomes available from Federal, State, and Local resources for business during this critical time.  If you have any questions please reach out to Valley Partnership President & CEO, Cheryl Lombard at and she will try and direct you to the best of her abilities.


Click for Federal Assistance


Click for State Assistance

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Federal Assistance/Small Business Administration (SBA):

Did you get a Paycheck Protection Program Loan? Or did one of your Tenants? If so, you should read this …

Funded by the Small Business Administration (SBA), a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan amount is calculated based a multiple of “payroll expenses” as such eligible expenses are defined under the CARES Act. 

Expenses that qualify for loan forgiveness using PPP Loan funds expressly include commercial rent. Further, the SBA recently clarified that up to 25% of the proceeds from a PPP Loan may be used to pay rent, without jeopardizing the loan’s eligibility for loan forgiveness.* 

However, the forgiveness period of the PPP Loans currently only extends to the CARES Act allowable expenses (including rent) that are expended during the first 8 weeks of the loan. Commercial tenants are encouraged to consider availing themselves of this federal government assistance and using a portion of those loan proceeds to timely pay their rent obligations.

This description of a portion of the PPP is not intended to be tax advice and each company should consult with its tax advisors regarding the application of the PPP to its own particular facts and circumstances.

*See Business Loan Program Temporary Changes; Paycheck Protection Program , Section III(2)(o), Small Business Administration (Apr. 2, 2020).

For more information on this program please go to

Great resource for everything available from the Federal Government right now with the
Small Business Owner's Guide to the CARES Act

Arizona Office of the Small Business Administration

Arizona business owners can now apply online in the Disaster Loan Application Portal at .  The electronic loan application will be screened by the Disaster Processing Center when it is received. 


Below are the requirements so business owners can prepare.




  • Loan application (SBA Form 5), completed and signed (this is electronic/online in the portal)
  • Tax Information Authorization (IRS Form 4506-T), completed and signed by each applicant, each principal owning 20 percent or more of the applicant business, each general partner or managing member; and, for any owner who has more than 50 percent ownership in an affiliate business. Affiliates include, but are not limited to, business parents, subsidiaries, and/or other businesses with common ownership or management
  • Complete copies, including all schedules, of the most recently filed Federal income tax returns for the applicant business; an explanation if not available
  • Personal Financial Statement (SBA Form 413) completed, signed, and dated by the applicant, each principal owning 20 percent or more of the applicant business, and each general partner or managing member
  • Schedule of Liabilities listing all fixed debts (SBA Form 2202 may be used)

All of these forms are available in the Disaster Loan Application.  For program questions or assistance in completing the application online, businesses can contact Disaster Customer Service Center at 1-800-659-2955.

List of resources to help with CARES/Federal Tools – Coming Soon

The U.S. Treasury has just released extremely thorough, additional information on the Paycheck Protection Program for lenders and borrowers on their website. Please find that information at the following link, as well as listed out below:

The Paycheck Protection Program prioritizes millions of Americans employed by small businesses by authorizing up to $349 billion toward job retention and certain other expenses.

Small businesses and eligible nonprofit organizations, Veterans organizations, and Tribal businesses described in the Small Business Act, as well as individuals who are self-employed or are independent contractors, are eligible if they also meet program size standards .

Valley Partnership is working on a list of volunteer experts to help those who want to apply for this information find their way through all of the information. If you can help, or know someone who can, please email  so we can pass along that information to needy businesses.

- A list of SBA approved banks is available: * On slide 21 of the Arizona Commerce Authority’s webinar slide deck in context of the overview of SBA opportunities at
- Additional funding opportunities can be found under “what are banks doing to help?” at . As new opportunities are created, this list will be updated.


- A list of SBA approved banks is available:

On slide 21 of the Arizona Commerce Authority’s webinar slide deck in context of the overview of SBA opportunities at

- Additional funding opportunities can be found under “what are banks doing to help?” at . As new opportunities are created, this list will be updated.

 State of Arizona Assistance:


The Governor’s office has launched a $10M grant program to provide rent and mortgage assistance to small Arizona businesses that were required to pause operations by Executive Order 2020-43. The program provides grants for up to two months of rent and mortgage payments due by small businesses. More information about eligibility and the application can be found at


The Arizona Commerce Authority’s COVID-19 Arizona Business Resources page at  provides information, tools and guidance on business finance support, workforce assistance, essential infrastructure information, supply chain and logistics, housing and community volunteer opportunities. This site will be updated regularly as new information becomes available.

ASLD is open for business as usual. All Divisions/Sections are operational. ASLD will continue with meetings and application processing, utilizing some teleworking and convening most meetings via Google Meets.



County & Municipal Updates:

- The Recorders front counter is currently closed
- Digital recording instructions and multiple 3rd party filing submitters can be found at
- All digital recordings and documents sent by mail will continue to be processed


- Extensions

Maricopa County has temporarily extended its automatic extension emergency policies as follows:

* Any building permit or zoning approval with a deadline between March 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 is granted a no cost time extension for one year.

* Any preliminary plat with an expiration date between March 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 will be extended two years from original expiration date.

* New preliminary plats approved during that timeframe will be valid for three years from date of approval.

- Inspections:
Building and drainage inspections will still be conducted as long as social distance requirements as defined by the Center for Disease Control can be met.

- Development-Related Public Hearings, Citizen Participation:
The County has instituted interim guidelines for citizen participation in development-related public hearings, including the Board of Adjustment beginning with the April 16, 2020 public hearing, and the Planning and Zoning Commission beginning with the April 23, 2020 public hearing, continuing until further notice.
* The public will not be allowed to attend public hearings in person until further notice. Instructions for how to attend and participate in the hearings in the ‘virtual’ setting will be provided at one week prior to the hearing date.
* The Chairman will conduct the ‘virtual’ public hearing according to normal bylaws, and according to the rules established by the Chairman regarding public comment.
* To ensure accuracy, the Chairman will verbally identify the specific members responsible for all motions and seconds. Votes will be done by roll call vote only.
* Attendance at these hearings shall be online/telephonic only. Instructions on attendance and how to submit questions/comments may be found at: one week prior to the hearing date. Applicants should submit their presentation materials to the case planner at least one week prior to the hearing date.

- ARS §11-813 will continue to be followed for public notice:
* Notice in a newspaper of general circulation, prepared by staff, 15 days prior to hearing;
* Site posting in no less than two places, with one sign for each quarter mile of frontage along perimeter ROW
* Site postings will continue to follow the requirements established by Maricopa County, except that the location/time of hearing will be replaced with the following language:
* Notification, in accordance with Maricopa County requirements, sent to all property owners and Homeowner’s Associations within 300’ of the subject property.

- Applicants should continue to follow the public outreach guidelines established by Maricopa County, except that, in accordance with Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidance, no face-to-face community meetings of groups larger than 10 people should be held until further notice. Applicants are encouraged to communicate with potentially affected citizens to the greatest extent possible, to use technology options to provide broad dissemination and gathering of information, and to promote public input. The results of public participation efforts will continue to be required prior to scheduling public hearings.

- Staff will continue to follow established public outreach protocols during the review phase of cases, except that no face-to-face meetings/interaction with the public will be allowed. All staff communication with the public shall be by written, verbal or online methods.

- Staff reports will continue to be prepared according to current guidelines, and will include a discussion of the public participation efforts by the applicant, specific numbers of support and opposition, and a summary of any concerns/issues submitted by the public.

- All comments received via email/mail or other print will be included in the packet for distribution to the Commission, and for public viewing via the department’s website.

- Submittals:
Maricopa County is only accepting permits online or via drop-box located at 501 N. 44thStreet, Suite 200. The Permit Counter is closed to walk-ins. Permits can be submitted digitally through the Online Customer Portal. Inquiries can be directed to and 602-506-8573.

- The Pinal County Recorder’s Office will continue to offer counter service at all Recorder’s Office locations.
- Applicants are strongly encouraged to mail their documents for recording instead of coming into one of the Recorder’s Offices. The mailing address for all documents is PO Box 848, Florence, AZ 85132.
- E-recording services are not affected.
- The fee to record a document is $30.00. Checks and money orders must be made payable to the “Pinal County Recorder”.
- The office does NOT accept credit card numbers by mail or by telephone.



- Appointments:
Applicants must call or email in advance of visit the Planning & Zoning and Building divisions to get an appointment time.

- Contacts:

* Planning & Zoning Division can be reached at (480) 474-5083 or with questions prior to coming into the office. You may be required to leave a message when contacting by phone. Messages will be returned ASAP.
* Building Division can be reached at (480) 474-5156 or with questions prior to coming into the office. Many questions can be answered over the phone or online at
* Additional information about services and online resources can be found at

- Applying for Building Permits:
* Printing fees are temporarily suspended for permits submitted via email like solar, electrical, small residential, etc.
* The maximum file size is 10 megabytes. The 10 MB is the sum total of the sizes of the attachments, and 1000 kilobytes KB = 1 MB.
* All drawings/plans submitted must be in PDF format.

- Review Times:
Review times are approx. three weeks

- Inspections:
Inspections are currently being carried out as normal

- Appointments:
Conference calls and video conferencing in lieu of in-person meetings.

- Submittal:
Online plan submittal is available at

- Contacts:
For general inquiries via email or phone:
* Planning and Zoning – – 623.349.6233
* Building – – 623.349.6200
* Engineering – – 623.349.6265
- On-site and off-site meetings will be changed from in person to telephone conference call, go-to and/or video conference and staff will contact you to change as applicable.

- City Council Meetings:
Council meetings are closed to the public. Live audio of Buckeye City Council meetings will be streamed on the city’s YouTube channel. Email comments to Comments must be received by 3 p.m. on the day of the meeting to be included in the official meeting record. To comment by phone, participants must first complete the public comment form at by 3 p.m. on the day of the meeting. The City Clerk’s office will call participants during the meeting for each agenda item.

- Full Electronic Process
Buckeye has transitioned to a full electronic process. Electronic submittal, review, permitting, and payments will be fully implemented. City employees are still available to assist applicants with planning and zoning, building permits, and engineering services over the phone, email, or through other electronic means during regular business hours, Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. as well as Fridays for inspections.

- Pending Paper Documents
Pick up of pending paper comments and redlines or drop-off of pre-recorded plats will be by appointment only. Please call 623-349-6200 to make appointments.

- Emailed Submittals
* Pool, Fence and Gasline permits can be submitted via email to with payments taken over the phone.
* All on-site and off-site meetings will be changed from in person to telephone conference call, go-to or video conference.

- Development-Related Public Hearings, Citizen Participation:
Buckeye has implemented an interim citizen review process for development-related matters, as follows:
A.R.S 9-462.03 requires an adopted citizen review process to include the following:
* Adjacent landowners and other potential affected citizens will be notified of the application.
* The municipality will inform adjacent landowners and other potential affected citizens of the substances of the proposed rezoning.
* Adjacent landowners and other potential affected citizens will be provided an opportunity to express any issues or concerns that they may have with the proposed rezoning before the public hearing.
The City of Buckeye’s adopted Citizen Review Process is contained in Article 8 of the 2010 Development Code and is required for the following applications: General Plan Amendments, Specific Area Plan Amendments, Development Code Amendments, Rezoning, Community Master Plans, Planned Area Developments, and Conditional Use Permits.
* This process shall continue to be followed except that a neighborhood meeting as noted in Section 8.2.2 will not be required.
* Instead, applicants shall notify residents in the same fashion listed with a summary of the application materials and be given a contact phone number, email and mailing address to express any issues or concerns that they may have for the application.
* The summary of this information shall be provided to the Development Services Department as currently required.

- Inspections:
There are no current changes to the inspection process

- Temporary Signage
Development Services Department will allow all temporary signs identified Article 5.11.5 of the City Development Code to be placed without permit. The quantity, size, and location requirements remain applicable. Signs may remain posted continuously and are not subject to display periods (Article 5.11.5.A.7, Article 5.11.5.D.2.A) for the duration of the local emergency. At the conclusion of the local emergency, normal city operations will resume and all signs will be required to be removed or properly permitted. The temporary sign code allows for one on-site banner of up to 32 square feet and a-frame sign up to 12 square feet per business/use street frontage. Additionally, off-site a-frame signs are allowed on private property subject to ownership approval. Temporary signs cannot be placed on public sidewalks or located within public rights-of-way except when immediately adjacent to the principal business entry for properties within the Downtown Overlay (Article 5.12.5). For more information or to discuss other sign solutions, contact the Development Services Department Planning Division at or 623.349.6233.

- Temporary Extension of Premises

Buckeye’s Development Services Department will allow the expansion of temporary outdoor dining on private property and into on-site parking spaces without permit for the duration of the locally declared COVID-19 emergency. Outdoor dining areas may be expanded subject to requirements that can be found at under “Interim Outdoor Dining Allowances”.

- Appointments
Development Services plan reviews and other consultations are by appointment only by calling 480-782-3000.

- Plan Drop Off
Plans may be dropped off at a self-service area in the lobby at 215 E. Buffalo Street.

- Electronic Submittals
The City requests that applications be made electronically at

- Public Records Requests
Public records requests should be submitted via email to

- Appointments:

All El Mirage Facilities are now open to the public.

- Digital Submittal:
Staff will continue to strongly encourage digital submittals

- Review Timelines:
Review timelines are expected to be extended.

- Inspections:
Engineering and Building Safety inspections will be conducted as normally as possible.

- Submittals and Plan Review
All submittals are required to be done electronically. No interruption in plan review is anticipated.

- Inspections:
Inspections are continuing as normal.

- Public Hearings:

Gilbert’s public meetings are being held in person with limited occupancy, in addition to an online option.


- Appointments:
Appointments can be made by calling 623-930-2800 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-F

- Submittals:
All new plan submittals will be processed electronically via for instructions.

- Contacts:
Permitting questions can be directed to Permit updates can be accessed by calling 623-930-2800 and mailing

- Pending Paper Documents:
Hard copy plans that are approved or redlined will be available by appointment. Contact 623-930-3289 or 623-930-2800 to make an appointment for pickup.

- City Council Meetings:
City Council meetings will be closed to the public during City Council Workshops and City Council Voting meetings. Instructions for remote public participation can be found at

- Temporary Extension of Premises

The City of Glendale is working to make it easy for existing restaurants to expand their serving areas during the COVID crisis. Permits will be active for 180 days. Application information can be found at

- Limited in Person Submittals:

The Goodyear Development Counter is now open to the public in a limited capacity for the following services only. No more than 5 customers will be permitted in the Counter area at a time:

* Drop off of paper plans for projects currently in review

* Pick-up of paper plans for projects currently in review

* Drop-off of payments for existing projects

The Development Counter can be contacted at 623-943-3004, Option 2.

- Submittals:
The new Electronic Plan Review System is live. This will allow electronic submittal of Planning & Zoning, Civil Engineering, and Building Safety applications through the new Development Center. Training videos and guidance documents can be found on theon the Development Center site at If you have any questions, please contact: or call 623-932-3004 Option 2
* If you currently submit civil engineering plans through (ProjectDox), a new link will take you to the new Online Application System. Your ProjectDox account information will be transferred to the new site.
* If you have only submitted plans to the city over the counter or via email (Planning & Zoning and Building Safety submittals) you will need to create an account through the new Online Application System.
* Online tools (guides and videos) will be available for training in the new system at the time of launch.

- Development-Related Public Hearings, Citizen Participation:
Goodyear is implementing an Interim/Alternative Citizen Review Policy for all projects that require a citizen review process, such as general plan amendments, rezones, use permits, special use permits and annexations. Effective March 23, 2020, and continuing through the period Goodyear’s emergency declaration is in place, the following shall be the process for citizen review:
* Notice shall be provided in the manner of State Statute 9-462.03 Article 1-3-8
* A neighborhood meeting will not be scheduled for any projects
* General project information will be provided in the notice as required by state statute. More detailed project information including project narrative, maps, draft documents, and project plans will be posted on the City’s website for public review.
* Applicant and staff contact information will be provided in the notice and on the City’s website, providing opportunity to comment via email, phone or US Mail. Anyone who cannot access project information via the website can request a mailing be sent to them by City staff.
* The notice will be sent at least 35 calendar days prior to a public hearing to provide ample opportunity for input prior to noticing the public hearing itself.
* The applicant shall provide a summary of any input they have received to City staff at least 10 business days prior to the public hearing
* Any input received will be provided as an attachment to the staff report that is provided to the PZ Commission and City Council.

- Review Times:
Review timelines are expected to be extended by an additional 3-5 business days, to a total of approx. 30 business days.

- Inspections:
Inspections are currently unchanged, with the exception of occupied structures and Tis as described below.

- The following building inspection requests need to be elevated to Eric Bee, Building Inspection Supervisor for evaluation, coordination, and assignment until further notice:
* Occupied structures - Goodyear will approach these as generally being postponed for homes and businesses (meaning inspections that require inspectors to walk into/through an occupied space). However, if the occupied structure needs an inspection to be approved in order to have safe occupancy (i.e. water, electric, gas) - Goodyear will perform those inspections. Outdoor inspections such as pools and patio covers are not impacted.
* Tis without separate construction entrances - Goodyear will be requiring that PPE be provided for the inspection staff.

- Payments:
* Planning and Zoning Application Payments: Fees can be paid during the first review, however all fees will be required prior to the acceptance of the second submittal. If you would like to set up an escrow account to make fee payment easier, complete an Escrow Account Application and email to and you will be contacted with additional information and instructions by a Development Services Technician; Checks can be provided to the Development Counter; Credit card payments will be accepted over the phone or in person (when the Development Counter opens back up to the public);
* Permitting and Plan Review Payments: All fees (with the exception of Planning & Zoning) will be required prior to Permit Issuance. If you would like to set up an escrow account to make fee payment easier, complete an Escrow Account Application and email to and you will be contacted with additional information and instructions by a Development Services Technician.

- Building Valuation:
The City of Goodyear will not yet be implementing a new building valuation data table (originally scheduled for 4-1-20 implementation). Instead, the City will use the currently implemented valuation table. This interim policy will govern until Mayor Lord's Emergency Declaration is terminated.

- Temporary Extension of Premises

Goodyear is accepting temporary permit applications to allow outdoor dining expansions and/or tent (covered dining) installations for local food establishments. Permits are free and applications will be reviewed within two days. More information can be found at

- Contacts:
Contact Randy Westacott, Building Official, at or 623-980-0682. Contact Eric Bee, Building Inspections Supervisor, or 623-236 -0779


- Submittals:
The majority of building permits can be completed online via the Permit Center at

- Payments:
City Hall is still accepting paper check payments curbside.

- Public Records Requests
Public records requests continue to be processed via the online Public Records Request Form at

- City Council Meetings
City Council meetings can be viewed online at

- Development-Related Public Hearings, Citizen Participation:
Mesa has implemented a temporary Citizen Participation/Neighborhood Meeting Process for Land Use Applications:
* In place of traditional in-person neighborhood meetings, the City will allow applicants to use video conferencing and other telephonic platforms to comply with Citizen Participation requirements.
* The notice from the alternative-style meeting shall include City staff and applicant contact information and provide an opportunity for the public to comment via email, phone or US mail.
* The applicant must send out the notice at least 35 calendar days prior to holding the first public hearing meeting for the project.
* All other requirements for public notifications (including but not limited to providing a written Citizen Participation Report at least 10 City business days prior to the first scheduled public hearing) as outlined in the zoning ordinance and state statues remain in effect

- Public Hearings:
All public meetings, including Planning and Zoning Board, Board of Adjustment and Design Review Board will continue to meet on the regular schedule but will use a modified online format.
* The Planning and Zoning Board will conduct their public hearings via a video conferencing platform which will continue to be broadcast live at You can also listen to the meetings via phone by calling 888-788-0099 or 877-853-5247 (toll free) and using ID 530 123 2921.
* Planning and Zoning Board Study Sessions, Board of Adjustment and Design Review Board meetings, members will conduct their meetings via a telephonic conferencing platform. You are encouraged to listen to the meetings via phone by calling 888-788-0099 or 877-853-5247 (toll free) and using ID 530 123 2921.
* Public comment during these hearings and sessions can be provided via an online comment card. Comments must be submitted at least 30 minutes prior to the meetings.
* Planning and Zoning Comments:
Board of Adjustment and Design Review Board Comments:

- Appointments:
All Development Services business will be conducted online and via the telephone. This includes all planning/land use related questions, applications, and case processing and all building and civil plan review and permits (both applications, processing and permit issuance) including remote meetings with applicants and their design teams.

- Submittals:
Documents can be submitted through the All questions about the DIMES system, make payments, obtain permits or any other questions can be directed to 480-644-4273. The call center is open Monday-Thursday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Permits that had previously been handled “over the counter” will be managed and issued by calling the 480-644-4273 number.

- Payments:
To pay for a permit by check, please place the check and invoice in the payment utility box on the north side of 55 N Center.

- Inspections:
Building inspections are being conducted within one business day. Inspections are scheduled through the DIMES portal or by calling the 24-hour line at 480-644-2428.

- Temporary Extension of Premises

Mesa has launched a temporary use permit application process for the extension of premises for restaurants that can be found at Mesa is also offering the opportunity to see reimbursement for expansion costs through its Mesa CARES Small Business Reemergence Technical Assistance Program. Application information  can be found at

- Appointments:
All city buildings (including City Hall and Development and Community Services), facilities, and public counters closed but all development functions are continuing through electronic or telephonic means by appointment if needed.

- City Council Meetings and other Public Hearings
City Council and Planning and Zoning Meetings will be conducted online at

- Submittals:
All applicants are strongly encouraged to submit via Zoning and sign submittal inquiries should be directed to or to speak to a planning staff member, call (623)773-7200. Over-the-counter permits must be submitted via email to If electronic submittal is not possible, limited building access may be granted by appointment only by contacting (623) 773-7225, option 1.

- Review Times:
Review times will be longer than current over the counter reviews, but shorter than a standard review. Please refer to the over-the-counter guidelines for allowable reviews at

- Inspections:
Inspection services are currently being conducted as normal. All inspections should continue to be scheduled online at


- Extensions:

The City of Phoenix has announced a temporary extension of development deadlines:

* Preliminary Plat: Extended to 36 months from approval* Preliminary Development Review: Extended to 36 months from approval* Preliminary Development Review–Phased: Extended to 48 months from approval* Building and Civil Plan Review: Extended to 24 months from application* Building and Civil Permit: Extended to 36 months from issuance* Sign Permits: Extended to an additional 180 days

* ZAHO Cases–Already Approved: Extended to an additional 180 days for cases expiring during the City’s Local Emergency Declaration for up to one year from declaration

- Temporary Extension of Premises

The City of Phoenix has announced an expedited and free Temporary Use Permit process for restaurants to serve customers beyond their currently permitted spaces, approved within a 15 day timeframe (vs. multi-month process for typical temporary use permits). Applicants must acquire permission of their landlords prior to applying. Once approved and with Department of Liquor License approval, restaurants will also be allowed to serve alcohol within temporary enclosures. An expedited and free process is also now in place to garner permission for temporary service within the ROW. Once issued, these Temporary Use Permits will be in effect until 90 days after the COVID-related Emergency Declaration has been rescinded. Application information can be found at

- Development-Related Public Hearings, Citizen Participation:

For all General Plan Amendment, Rezoning, Special Permit and Text Amendment applications, along with any required meetings associated with the Zoning Adjustment Hearing Officer, Planning Hearing Officer, Design Review Committee, Historic Preservation Hearing Officer, Historic Preservation Commission and preliminary site plan reviews:


* In place of neighborhood meetings, applicants must establish a website, or other web-based resource, regarding the request. The City has provided requirements for information that must be available on the website, at In addition to the application information, the website must permit visitors to submit comments and questions about the request to the applicant. Notification about the website Information about the website must be included in a notification letter or email to all property owners and neighborhood associations required to be noticed in the Zoning Ordinance within 10 working days of filing the application.


* In addition, applicants must host an online virtual meeting, teleconference or other alternative meeting format. Notice for the virtual meeting must be sent a minimum of 30 days in advance of the first public presentation. Exceptions to this 30-day notice requirement will be made for applications already scheduled for review at a public meeting/hearing as of 4-17-2020.


- Boards and Commissions Meetings:

All Planning and Development Department affiliated Boards and Commissions and hearing officers will host their meetings or hearings in a virtual format utilizing the WebEx Events platform. Applicants are still required to provide notice for the meetings/hearings as outlined in the Zoning Ordinance but will modify the letters and signs to direct interested parties to the posted agenda on for information on the virtual meeting/hearing and to contact the assigned staff with questions. Public comments are encouraged to be asked prior to the meeting and should be directed to the assigned POD team for the meeting/hearing. Any comments received by staff will be distributed to the hearing body members or hearing officer and added to the case file. More information is available by visiting


- Appointments:

The public counters are open in PDD at City Hall for in-person services by appointment. Social distancing barriers are in place.


- Submittals

Digital submittals, requests for information, and access to web services can be conducted through . Inquiries can be directed to and 602-534-5933. Additionally, PDD has created virtual counters in which customers can obtain most of the same services they could in person at the Development Center. has been updated with phone numbers and email addresses to contact specific teams.


- Inspections:

PDD is continuing to perform inspections of projects that are permitted and under construction while following social-distancing guidelines. Inspections Division staff has implemented a limited Remote Video Inspection program to offer customers a chance to have certain residential permits inspected remotely using video conferencing.


- Review Times:

Review timelines are expected to be extended.


- Self Certification Classes:

PDD will be offering its Self-Certification classes in a live, online WebEx format starting in June.


- Extensions:

The Town of Queen Creek has enacted the following:

* All Building, Planning, and Engineering permits, plans, and approvals that have an expiration date between May 11, 2020 and December 31, 2020 or that have an approval date prior to December 31, 2020 have been automatically extended for an additional 1-year at no cost. Additional flexibility can be applied to active development applications and can be approved by the Development Services Director.


- Appointments:

All development services staff is working from home but available by email and phone. Open business hours remain the same (Monday - Thursday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.).


- Inspections:

Building and Engineering Field Inspections are expected to continue without adjustment.


- Payments

* Online payments: Paid as usual online

* In-person payments: Can be placed in the Water Department payment drop box located at Town Hall. Place checks in an envelope and write “Building Safety” “Engineering” or “Planning” on the outside of the envelope.  


- Contacts:

* Development Services Administration: Brett Burningham at 480-358-3097, or Sarah Clark at 480-358-3020,

* Building Safety Division: Michael Williams at 480-358-3009,

* Planning Division: Erik Swanson at 480-358-3013, 

* Engineering Division: Chris Dovel at 480-358-3067,

* Code Enforcement = Victor Martinez at 480-358-3307,

- Application check payments


- Temporary Signage:

The Town will allow temporary banners in compliance with the requirements of the Sign Code, without the need for a sign permit.

* Businesses are allowed one temporary banner for a maximum of ninety (90) cumulative days in a year, with a maximum size of forty-eight (48) square feet.

* The Town will allow an additional temporary banner, without penalty, to the ninety (90) day limitation.

* The Town will suspend the restriction on A-frame, or similar temporary signs, requiring their location to be adjacent to the building wall plane, and will allow two (2) such signs per business, per adjacent roadway to the commercial center in which the business is located.

* Temporary signs cannot be placed on a sidewalk adjacent to a road, or within roadway medians so as to restrict pedestrian movement or limit visibility. All other requirements of the Sign Code remain.

* The Town acknowledges that the current Covid-19 outbreak presents a unique circumstance and as such, the temporary banners, A-frame, or similar signs will be allowed to remain until the spread of Covid-19 has been contained and Town operations return to normal at which point in time temporary signs must be removed or permitted.


* Commercial Businesses

- Banners allowed

- A-frame signs allowed

- No permit required

- No fees required

- Allowed until Covid-19 is contained

- PA has authority to allow additional signage based on circumstances


* Model Home Complexes

- One banner per model home

- A-frame, or similar signs placement as needed 

- Temporary Extension of Premises

Queen Creek is accepting submittals for Temporary Use Permits to allow for outdoor dining areas to better serve their patrons during the pandemic. Applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis administratively. Applications are being accepted at A PDF of the application can be found at

- Submittals:
Counter plans can be submitted electronically at Plan review staff are monitoring the counter plan submittals and processing them as quickly as possible
- To make arrangements for payments and permit services not available online, please email
- Most Planning and Development services can be requested and completed online at

- Special Event Fee Reduction and Temporary Extension of Premises Process

Scottsdale is providing temporary fee reductions for special event applications, permits, added a new fee for use of public space for outdoor dining, and suspended enforcement of special event regulations (event criteria, frequency, and duration limits) until May 31, 2021. If public property is used as outdoor dining, an additional daily fee is calculated based upon the area utilized. Applications are reviewed weekly, typically within 5 working days. The City also has an expedited process for the liquor extension of premise for restaurants serving liquor. More information can be found at  

- Appointments
Development services is closed to in-person submittals

- Submittals
Permitting and submittals for all planning review, engineering permits and construction permits will be conducted via email, through

- Review Times:
Review times are expected to be extended by 6 business days

- Temporary Extension of Premises
is temporarily accepting applications for permits to allow for outdoor tents and other enclosures and allow use of restaurant patios that are currently sitting idle. More information can be found at

- Contacts:
Questions can be directed to


- Extensions

The City of Tempe has enacted procedures to obtain temporary extensions without fees.

* Additional 1-year extension (for a total of 3 years) to submit a complete building permit application from the date of Council approval for all Zoning Map Amendments and PADs

* 1-year extension to a variety of permits, including Development Plan Review, minor General Plan Amendments, Subdivision Plats, Use Permits, Variances, and Sign Review/Permits, and other administrative actions. Applicants must request the extension in writing and receive a notice of extension.

* 1-year extension from the date of expiration for all projects with construction documents in review for either a building permit or engineering permit and all Building Safety permitted plans More information about these opportunities can be found here:

* Through Dec. 31, 2020, Tempe will consider administrative approval to defer initiating default or cure provisions under a development agreement for excusable delay of defaults, breaches and anticipatory breaches of obligations that are a result of COVID-19. A written request to the Economic Development Director or Community Development Director is required for this.

* More information regarding this opportunity can be found here, second page, last paragraph

- Temporary Extension of Premises

In Tempe, retail businesses, restaurants and bars can apply for free to expand their premise onto city or private property. Applications will be reviewed by the City of Tempe Special Events Task Force Committee and applicants will be scheduled to attend a virtual SETFC meeting for formal approval. More information can be found at


- Development-Related Public Hearings, Citizen Participation:

Tempe has implemented a temporary Citizen Participation/Neighborhood Meeting Process for Land Use Applications:

* The requirement that applicants hold an in-person neighborhood meeting in person is suspended.

* Neighborhood meetings must still take place virtually using an online platform, teleconference or other alternative format that allows attendees to access all supporting materials and allows for a 15-day comment period.

* More information regarding this change can be found here, second page, second to last paragraph

- Appointments:
Community Development is limiting in person contact, including access to picking up existing paper plans.

- Submittals:
Submittals for any divisions including Planning, Historic Preservation, Signs, Code Enforcement, Plan Review, Private Development Engineering, etc. should be submitted electronically through the City’s online portal.
* Electronic submittals less than 15MB – main online portal
* Electronic submittals 15MB or more – email to request an LF file transfer email
* Bundle documents into one (1) pdf or bundle by discipline before uploading. The maximum file size allowed is less than 15MB).

- Inspections:
Inspections will be conducted remotely in as many cases as possible and in-person inspections, when available, will utilize additional safety precautions

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